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Look-to-shoot controls make it immersive in its simplicity, allowing you to focus on the myriad post-apocalyptic tunnels you can explore on the hunt for the undead.Price: Free Ever wondered what it would feel like to be shrunk down small enough to enter the human body?

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Price: Free While playing soccer/football in VR seems like a pretty involved thing, but thankfully, Final Kick VR is as simple as lining up your kick by aiming your head.Now that it has embraced 360-degree videos the amount of VR content is growing by the day.Inside a You Tube 360-degree video you can look around as if you were really there.For someone like me, who hates roller coasters in real life, getting to experience the ups and downs of one in VR is quite the escape.With a headset attached, you'll probably find yourself laughing and squealing the time away, much like you would on a normal roller coaster.

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