Verizon wireless updating

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That at least raised the possibility that Verizon-sold Pixel phones might not get new Android features as soon as they're available for the Pixels that Google sells directly.

But a very straightforward statement that Verizon gave to Ars Technica seems to eliminate any potential concern.

Through the original years of AT&T Wireless, Cingular and the New AT&T Wireless, they always offered some of the newest and most high tech phones including Motorola lines (RAZR, KRZR, SLVR) and of course, the Apple i Phone.

AT&T offers a wide variety of standard cell phones and smart phones like Palm and others.

It's important to know Verizon's rules on roaming so that any roaming charges don't come as a surprise.

Keep in mind that it could take over a month for a carrier to tell Verizon that you owe roaming charges.

With so many changes and acquisitions, AT&T has finally landed on the GSM network which is one of the more recent and popular wireless technologies.

Important: You might be charged a particular country's rates if you're traveling near their border.

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