Vba prevent screen updating

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Then, in a cell named Type Val Sel (D5), a VLOOKUP formula returns the number for the Type selected in cell E1 (Type Sel), on the Top10Filter sheet. If you record a macro while applying a Top 10 filter to a pivot table, you would see either xl Top Count or xl Bottom Count in the recorded code. Another way to use the Top 10 Value Filter is to find the items that make up a specific sum.For example, from the order dates with the lowest sales amounts, which order dates would combine to total at least 100,000 in sales.Those are constants for the Type argument when adding a pivot table filter. It will be easier to send the "Top" or "Bottom" selection to our macro, if we use the numeric values of those constants. To see only the Bottom 10 order dates, follow these steps.In addition to filtering for the top or bottom items, you can use a Value Filter to show a specific portion of the grand total amount.

For example, insteading of showing the total sales for all products, use a filter to show just the top 10 products, or narrow it down to the top 2.To see only the top selling order dates that contribute to 10% of the total sales amount, follow these steps.The results change, to show only the top 2 order dates, because their combined sales are greater than 10% of the original grand total amount.The Top 10 filter helps you find the highest amounts, but sometimes you need to find the lowest amounts, to focus on those.Even though the filter is named "Top 10", you can use it to find the bottom amounts too.

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