My daughter is dating a jehovah witness who is amy poehler dating

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From what I've seen, why would anyone voluntarily be part of a church that seems to value family so little? By the time that relationship ended, she was agnostic, too. So, if you are a non-JW, you are worldly, and and worldly things should not corrupt the JWs or come between JWs and Jehovah. Some JWs are more willing to accept the fact that you cannot simply divorce yourself 100% from all things worldly. The JWs you encountered seem to be on the extreme end of JWs. However, IIRC, if a JW marries a worldly person, the JW can expect to be kicked out of the church, and the family may attempt to remind the JW of how wrong it is.That they would choose their religion over their own daughter..just seems so hateful to me. I dated their daughter for a long time, and I was always welcome in their house and I went to some of their Kingdom Hall gatherings. Whether they push the issue so hard that it breaks up the family depends on the family. Love them, but do not allow worldly things to creep into and influence your life...Never once was I invited to a family dinner, her father barely even acknowledged my existence, when he saw me I was normally greeted with a grunt. I was a kid though, at that time, and she insisted I'd go with her doing the prostilizing and going to the gatherings.

Many religous families are like this, many are not. I use to date a Jewish girl, we were going out for 2.5-3 years or so. She didn't like the door-to-door thing and she certainly wasn't as strict as the OP's example.As well for those with no religion at all - witness Madyln Murray O'Hair's cutting off contact with her son after he became a Christian.At least the Jehovah's Witnesses are doing it as a matter of principle - I am not aware of any requirement of atheism that they cut themselves off from those that believe in God. Any group large enough to see is going to have a few of those.Seriously...what I've seen with my own family's experience, it seems to be a hateful religion....My perspective comes from my now sister-in-law, a former Jehovah's Witness. She eventually came to live with my family because my parents couldn't just leave her on the street.

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