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In the spring of 1898 he formed a partnership Avith O. Brecke in the steamship passenger business, under the style of Brecke & Ekman. In the previous year the Pacific Coast and Norway Packing. Ekman's personal record is that he is a Mason in good standing and an active member of the Odin Club.Company had been organized, and in 1903 he assumed active charge of it as its secretary and treasurer. Christine (Aim) Elsberg, a native of Vermland, Sweden, who was the mother of three children by a former marriage — Emma, William and Ellen. Knut Ekman, cashier of the new Scandinavian-American Na- tional Bank of Minneapolis, of which he was one of the founders, has a remarkably substantial standing in the banking circles of the Northwest, particularly in those upon which depend the financial security of his countrymen.

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He isa leader in perhaps the most prominent of these organizations, the Arpi Singing Club. Ekman is also a fourteenth degree Mason, identified with Khurum Lodge, and belongs to the Odin Club. — Prominent among the larger contractors for general mason work in Minneapolis is Swan M. A native of Sweden, he was born, April 23, 1854, in Langaryd, Smaland, on the home farm.

As the Swedish-American had sturdily weathered the storms which had laid low so many of the other Minneapolis banks, this consolidation, or rather absorption, aroused both the indignation and the national spirit of the Swedes of Minneapolis, and the proposition to organize a new Scandinavian-American National Bank was received so enthusiastically that within a few months two hundred and fifty thousand dollars was subscribed for that purpose.

In the early steps leading to its establish- ment Knut Ekman was so prominent that he was elected cashier of the new organization, its president being Mr.

As stated, he is now giving his chief attention to its promotion and development. A native of Vexio, Smaland, Sweden, he is a son of Nils and Brita Katarina Ekman and was born October 23, 1870.

His father, who was a prominent musician connected with the military service of Sweden, died at St. As a youth Knut Ekman passed through the first five standards of the Collegiate High School at Vexio, and then deviated from the plan mapped out for him by spending several years in the study of piano and organ music. Paul, but after a short stay there went to Lindstrom, Chisago county, Minnesota, where for a year he was employed in the general store of his brother, Carl. Paul, he secured the position of bookkeeper with the old Scandinavian-American Bank, remaining in that capacity for three vears.

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