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However, some creatures of other species are naturally born as simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female reproductive parts for their entire life.

The survey concluded that our menfolk make the best husbands – which doesn't quite tally with the fact that 45 per cent of marriages end in divorce.But, according to a leading relationship coach, a great many relationship disasters stem from the fact that modern women are turning their husbands hermaphrodite.No longer sure of their role, these "egalitarian" men have been left straddling the gender divide and are becoming male-female hybrids, in some cases displaying far more feminine characteristics than their partners.Taylor Lianne Chandler, 41, wrote a lengthy post describing her early life, saying that at birth she had male genitalia with no testicles as well as a uterus, without ovaries.Born David Roy Fitch, she writes that she went on testosterone blockers and changed her name to Paige Victoria Whitney in her teens, then had surgery when she was in her 20s. 13: By the time I could walk and talk I made it clear I was a girl and dressed as one.

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