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Glover stars as Earn, an aspiring music manager; Henry is Earn’s cousin, Paper Boi, an aspiring rapper; and Stanfield plays Paper Boi’s aspiring hype man, Darius.

They’re each trying to get a foot in the door of the current thriving network of Atlanta hip-hop, home to some of the industry’s biggest and brightest — Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Lil Yachty, Killer Mike, Gucci Mane, to name a few — plenty of whom set the backdrop for Glover’s bird’s-eye view into that world.

It’s the opening scene, and it’s Migos’s “One Time” playing, one of the many deceptively infectious hits from the Atlanta-affiliated trio, until it fades further into the background.

“Smoke one one time,” the group’s unofficial leader, Quavo, emphatically raps, while Donald Glover, Keith Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters hotbox.

They essentially play themselves, only they’re the muscle for a Mexican cartel (“The Four Migos,” natch) that Paper Boi and Darius do drug business with.

Quavo, especially, is the kind of “real” rapper the guy at the rib joint would respect, considering he shoots a man after letting him go.

Pitchfork all but called him a “comedy rapper” in their eviscerating review of his first album, skeptics questioned his own self-doubting motives for briefly leaving acting for rap, and his second album’s Grammy nomination was perceived as validating suspicions about his cred.“At the end of the day, what we doin over here not gone stop growing because a old head don’t like it.The world will continue to spin,” Yachty said, shrugging off the complaints.It’s the first instance in a series of deft references made throughout the show, but particularly in this episode, to the culture of rap that coexists with Later, at a rib joint, Paper Boi has another encounter with small-time fame when his server praises him for being “one of the last real rappers.” He’s impressed that Paper Boi’s been accused of murder and mesmerized by the possibility of its truth.“It’s good to see a rapper that’ll just blow a nigga’s brains out in the streets,” he says, calling the rise of “singing-ass niggas” like Fetty Wap “weak.” And though he considers himself a disciple of ‘90s rap, he probably idolizes certain stars of the next generation, like Gucci Mane or T. “If you let me down, I don’t know what I’d do,” he warns Paper Boi, an ominous threat that his street cred better have a good score.

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