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He tricks Hai Jing and Qian Rui into thinking they slept together, and demands Qian Rui take responsibility by joining the volleyball team. I love the childhood friends story line (like 1997). The villain of the story Jia Kai Lin’s father looks like a blond fat Asian of Beethoven. As I said, an brainless, easy go-to entertaining drama.

Qian Rui is a natural athlete with amazing hops (Yes, basketball lingo here, but I don’t know how else to put this. Add in the cold beauty Jia Kai Lin and boy’s volleyball captain Lu Qing Han and you have the ultimate love square. One thing I have always enjoyed about Taiwanese dramas is the heroines. I really enjoy the friendly dynamic that build up to the romantic overtones and tension between the characters. This made it really hard to take his evilness seriously. They were all within the boundaries of acceptable-ness.

She played the character of Pan Xiao Nuo, a girl who coincidentally met Yin Ding Qiang after her ex-boyfriend's betrayal towards her.

The next series is CTS' Volleyball Lover with Godfrey Gao.

In 2016, she acted in the Taiwanese film White Lies, Black Lies.

The two have been caught numerous times by gossip news photographers on private outings together.

She portrayed the role of Xin Haijing, Bai Qian Rui's childhood friend and a volleyball player.

For the third time, Chen and Dao portrayed their roles in Happy and Love Forever as a loving couple, and acted along with Mike He and Janine Chang, the casts of Sunny Happiness, in the third and last series of Happy of the Rings trilogy entitled Happy Michelin Kitchen.

She attended Viator Catholic High School (衛道中學) during her junior high school, and graduated her secondary studies in Shin Min High School (新民高中).

She took Finance at the Kainan University, in which she began to work during her senior year.

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