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Please keep in mind that I have covered only what was at the height of fashion and not everyone in your photographs may have had the means or inclination to wear very trendy clothes.I hope this article gives you a good jumping off point for researching the date of your photographs.From 1947 and into the 1950s, very fashionable women at this time wore full skirts, a nipped in waist, and pointed bust. Hair was often short and got increasingly voluminous throughout the decade.For men, trousers became wider and cuffs reappeared.Hair was worn high on the head and bangs were popular.From 1878-1883 the bustle disappears and skirts often had trains.The three pieced suit and the ascot appeared at the end of the 1870s. Men's jackets had full shoulders and nipped in waists.

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The bell-shaped sleeve worn over cotton or linen under-sleeves was fashionable. A looser, thigh length coat called a sack coat was common. Men wore large mutton chop sideburns and moustaches. Ruffles were common on overskirts and visible underskirts.But with a little knowledge about what people wore throughout history, dating your photograph can become much easier.Clothing is a very good indication of when a photograph was taken.Full skirts were made with many layers of underskirts.Their hair was often parted in the center with curls or braids at the ears. A cinched in waist and full chest was popular, as were standing collars. By 1865 the fullness of the crinoline moved to the back. Hair was worn close to the head with low buns and hair nets were fashionable.

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