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So what does Raichyk realistically predict Clover will be used for?After all, if people are quickly coupled-up, they won't come back for more from the app. Just when you thought hook-up apps couldn't get more convenient, Clover introduces a new service called "on-demand dating". On-demand dating aims to avoid this using a matchmaking algorithm based on a set of criteria users specify upon sign-up, but also on data gathered through behavioural usage of the app.For example, one of the aspects people are matched on is attractiveness, which is calculated on a user's popularity, inbound message frequency and reputation; so potentially the more you use it the more accurate your matches become.

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"We cater to users seeking casual commitments as well as those looking for something more long-term.Sure, it lets you cast your net wide with fewer obligations or complications, but in my experience apps also seem to allow people to think they can get away with flippant behaviour and bad etiquette on dates because they don't “know” other users and never have to see them again.If we're going to go down the on-demand road, I'd personally quite like Raichyk to develop a user rating system, similar to e Bay, where ex-dates could leave helpful feedback on whether they offered to pay, and if they smelled nice, and why they were - in HR terms - just not quite right for the position. I know we're all in a competition over who is busier and more over-scheduled but, let's face it, a relationship conceived with all the romance of an Ocado order is hardly a great story to tell the grandkids.Does Raichyk agree that the "two-tap" date simply accelerates our lazy approach to meeting people? People have less time to commit to dating nowadays and the current suite of dating services/apps available to them are extremely inefficient.

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