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[] [CHAT] Alcana: Mystic is great [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Mystic is best team [] [JOIN] Ozank Cx has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Blanche is best leader [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: im sad [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Hallo Ozank o/ [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Blanche is perfect [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: i lost my phone [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: lol [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: : O [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: oh no [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: my brother explained to me that team mystic is basically the classy people and team valor is the trolls and assholes [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: i think its somewhere around me but its not in an obvious place anyway [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Cri.

[] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: And Instinct are memes and weirdos, Max [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: and the yellow team is the desperate people [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: im team valor rip [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Same.

[] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: Hitler was member of team valor [] [JOIN] Twizzzler has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: so [] [CHAT] Alcana: also which doubles [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: what [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Wb Twizz [] [CHAT] Alcana: there's like 5 [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Doubles OU [] [CHAT] Alcana: k [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: "guys murders brother" [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: turns out the site went [i] baaad [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: oh..

[] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: no one laughed at my joke [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Karl Marx is actually confirmed member of Valor [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: 2far4me [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: His grave is a Valor gym [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: test [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: nvm mister gets it [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: yeah nvm shana [] [CHAT] Twizzzler: sorry fam [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: guys good news i found my phone [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: it was in my bra [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: woah [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: tmi [] [CHAT] Sharayna: aw [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: jk im not even a girl [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: get troled xd [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: XDDD [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: so you are a crossdresser?

[] [CHAT] Shiny Dratini1: Yeah [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: im scared ;c [] [CHAT] Hynza: this is why i think libertarians are the worst political party [] [CHAT] Hynza: worse than republicans [] [CHAT] Hynza: they have no goddamn brain [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: it's fine delta sarah gets a bit hot headed sometimes [] [CHAT] Hynza: anyway our new cat is here so [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I'm not offended [] [CHAT] Hynza: later losers [] [QUIT] Hynza has warped out [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: :c [] [JOIN] Cheeseskates has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: my drink..di ET DR KELP [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: lol [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Hallo Cheese o/ [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Wait...didn't he break a rule by calling you a dumbass? [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: how many cats does she have damn [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: sarah the cat lady XD\ [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: oh [] [CHAT] Shiny Dratini1: I think i'm scared..

whyheyell [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: Boi ikr [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: k [] [CHAT] Live Delta: Idk, I thought Max and Sarah were friends?

[] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: ok :o [] [CHAT] Sharayna: we can insult friends?[] [QUIT] Twizzzler has warped out [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: Is this about Pokemon Go?[] [QUIT] Cheeseskates has warped out [] [JOIN] Cheeseskates has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Sharayna: ok so [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: I think I will join the blue team [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Good choice [] [CHAT] Alcana: what format ev [] [CHAT] Sharayna: should I write or art [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Don't matter [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Write [] [CHAT] Sharayna: write [] [CHAT] Alcana: shana you should wrart [] [CHAT] Sharayna: i shall continue my grocket sucction [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: now listen here phone of mine [] [CHAT] Alcana: write and art at the same time [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: reveal yourself [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: it's funny how much trouble pokemon go has caused tho [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Shana writes erotic grocket fanfics?[] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: watch the next headline be like [] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: 'pokemon go incites gang war' [] [CHAT] Sharayna: i never got to the succ part yet [] [CHAT] Sharayna: ever [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: stop succing [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: I don't play Pokegmon Go [] [CHAT] Sharayna: one day [] [CHAT] Day Aurelius: im day [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: You weren't supposed to confirm that for me, Shana [] [CHAT] Alcana: I kinda wanna try doubles [] [CHAT] Sharayna: wh [] [CHAT] Alcana: how does that sound ev [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: Go for it [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: double what [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: shots?[] [CHAT] Maximum Effect: pokemon go responsible for 911 [] [CHAT] Mister Steal Yo Girl: I'm better in doubles anyway [] [CHAT] Betty Spaghetti: guy murders brother for being a different team than him [] [CHAT] Ozank Cx: betty why gay murders?

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