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In the process he gained super powers when he was struck by lightning while in contact with power lines still connected to their spool.

Generally, Dillon's criminal actions were governed by his selfish love of money.

Octopus deserted Electro and the rest of the team when he discovered he could sell the gas as a cure for cocaine addiction.

Without Doc Ock's guidance, the Six easily were dispatched by Spider-Man.

Later, he fought Daredevil (again) and the confused alien named Omega the Unknown, then briefly joined the Frightful Four and fought Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four at their side.

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One day another lineman got in trouble and Dillon agreed to save him, for a fee.With the half-demon Hobgoblin standing in for Kraven, they planned to hold the world for ransom under a cloud of poison gas.Spider-Man was no match for the villains' collective might, but Dr.Unable to best the wall-crawler on his own, Electro often sought strength in numbers.Early in his career, he and five other members of Spider-Man's rogues gallery united under the leadership of Doctor Octopus - brilliant, respected scientist turned tentacled terror.

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